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 Authentic Montessori education, for babies and children

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Kita & Kindergarten (6 months - 6 years old)
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An Authentic Montessori Education 

Created in 1907 by Dr Maria Montessori, Montessori education has become after almost 120 years of existence the most spread-out educational method worldwide (30,000+ schools in 130 countries).


Especially adapted to the challenges of today's world, Montessori education respects every child's personal rhythm, favors creativity and autonomy, and emphasizes cooperation between peers.


Children feel happy to go to school and are stimulated enough for their acquisitions.

Gaia MONTESSORI provides true and authentic Montessori education as per the requirements of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

Our Values

Respect • Life • Peace

Our values define us and our commitment to the children. As we deeply believe that any child is able to learn by themselves and has the strongest will to grow as a future adult, we respect them into this self-pace.


We also believe that education is an aid to life. It is the privileged way the child connects to their family, culture and environment, progressively building themselves as a future citizen of the world. Education is so much more than just sharing knowledge.


As Montessorians, we see our professional engagement as a contribution to world peace, as the child is the future of Man. We support the child with emotional stability and a secure environment, and we allow them to make choices from the earliest age, allowing them to progressively build their own autonomy and independence.

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 Language & Connection


Gaia MONTESSORI provides a multilingual environment to children from their earliest age. Research about language acquisition shows children are able to assimilate multiple languages with less effort than adults. Exposure to a multilingual environment prepares them for becoming true citizens of the world.


We provide permaculture activities in the local nature from earliest age. This includes weekly Forest Days for all children from the age of 2 years old. In addition to other self-expression activities (for example, theatre), this enables children to build strong connections to themselves, their community and their world around them.


Our Educators

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Our Locations


Brüggliweg 18, 3073, Gümligen

Berne (Été 2024)

Seftigenstrasse 119, 3007 Bern

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