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Meet Our Team

Committed • Experienced • Collaborative

We are a team of experienced people who want to bring the best education to your children. From our educators, assistants and administrators, we are all leaders in Montessori education, but the child remains our only guide.

At Gaia MONTESSORI, every class is led by experienced Montessori Guides with 5 +  years of experience in their field. Our Head of school has more than 15 years.

Corinne Bensaada

0-3 Educator

Svitlana Popova

0-3 Educator

Barbara Chappuis

3-6 Educator

Each and every member of our staff loves and cares for children. Irrespective of their background, they share this humble attitude towards the child and acknowledge that they are the one to be followed and provided the best guidance.

portrait JLA.jpg

Julien Jayed LAMORTE

AMI Montessori School Administrator and Trainer

Gaia MONTESSORI Founder & Head of Administration

After eighteen years of commitment into Montessori education, I have decided to create my own school in Bern, Switzerland. I bring my leadership and school administration skills, as well as deep personal experience into early childhood - I'm a happy father of 3 grown up Montessorians. As I wanted to bring the best of Montessori to children, I have been surrounding myself with many best talents.

Our Board

Our board gathers various skills and experience into school management, finances, curriculum management, recruitment and human resources, as well as marketing and communication. Beyond each one's talents, we consider in Montessori education that all adults should get "prepared" to support the child into his own development. This is where having a committed Board supporting the Head of School makes sense for us: making sure that we keep on with the right direction, the one that "follows the child".

The role of the parents

Parents are the first educators of their child

In Montessori education, we consider that parents are the first educators of their child, even from before birth. This is why they all have their place into our school, and we are happy to welcome them.
We also grant regular observation sessions for parents, so they can understand better the truth of Montessori education beyond all words.

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